Once upon a time, in a land not too far away – You meet the love of your life, and one of you exclaims – “Let’s get married!”.

You share your exciting news with friends and family, and everyone asks – how did it happen? let’s see the ring! When’s the big day?

Then the tough questions start:
Will you be getting married at church? Are you getting married on the family farm? You’re inviting kids aren’t you? How many bridesmaids are you having? Can I bring my friend? You’re not going to spend a fortune on the day are you? Are you really going to do a cheap wedding?

Suddenly eloping sounds kinda nice!
When you are planning a wedding, it’s not just the logistical details that cause the stress – it’s the parents who say they’ll help financially but won’t say how much, the over-promisers-and-under-doers, the wedding vendors who don’t email back… oh and those guests who drag their feet with their RSVP (there’s a special place in hell for those ones huh).

One of the things you quickly learn about planning a wedding is that it’s impossible to do it alone. You have to rely on other people for wedding planning help – whether that’s a caterer sussing out meals for guests, a friend making a cake, or just good old fashioned “how the heck do I deal with this”!

The Southern Bride Community is like a ton of helpful big sisters
Southern Bride is a supportive community and resource for brides getting married in the New Zealand (and there’s the occasional male in there too!). Share your wedding woes and get solutions, support and a listening ear or two.

The advice you get from us is honest and practical - we’ve got your back!

Do you want a happily ever after for your wedding planning?
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